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Within These Walls My Spirit Shall Sing

I am a true believer Art is a connection with the heavenly father.
Spoken words that shall not be silence, truth is the spirit
that submerge the contents of deliverance.
 The message you perceive is a spiritual reality.
 It is expression of creation.
The Heavenly Father created the heavens,
 and earth in seven days.
 The expression of beauty an truth.
 The message that I received from the creator.
 All God's creations exhibits beauty and truth,
 if you believe in him , the truth will prevail.
I am an endangered specie. I sing no victim song,
 because I am a women. I know where my voice belong.
 I know why the cage bird sings.
This is why I speak of rebirth and cry no victim song.
 I am the physical being through softness, color,
 and rich light can pass through me.
There are times when I feel that the physical world,
 is controlling Our every move.
 I open the gates of passage.
I know that others are looking for softness to cure the pain.
 The pain is extreme and relentless,
 in its insistence trying to capture the foundations,
 which are no more. I thank God for the motivation,
 of self and the rewards of his love.
Like the mind of a person with schizophrenia,
 the images that I represent may be disturbing,
 and unpretty, but when you are open to them,
they can evoke compassion,
 and an understanding of their own unique beauty".
 Judge me not by my form but the message of divine love.


Black Women Cries A Message To God

By Jacqueline Amos



The Lord is my guidance

I shall not fear

He anointed me will love

I walk with the torch of Gods light

Oh God I come to you on bending knees

I carry the scars on my back of this cruel world.

My eyes are full of blood and my children no longer believe

I am the creation of your love.


He leads me to the waters

To clean my wounds, nobody knows the trouble I have seen.

Only you my God, thank you for bringing me across.

I sing no victim song, I cry rebirth my arms are getting short.

My hair is wooly and my back is strong.

I carried the chains much to long.


Ya though I walk through the battle of no return

I fear not man, but the spirits, which he displays.

God is the ruler of all a not man.

I wear the crown of your love.

They hanged my sons from the trees

My man no longer cries for me.

I his wife who wear his legacy.

Year thou I walk through the shadows of death

My lord my lifeline makes me walk by my self.

I come to you lord on bending knees

Break the chains of my family curse.













Thy Armory Pen Of God
By Jacqueline Amos

Thy Amory pen of God, Thou proverbs of spoken word of great understanding to thou, Thy Prophesies of psalms, thy great writer of thy almighty God, Thou sacred stroke of the brush, the canvas of the heavens an earth, the molding of the clay, creations of human life.
The seeds of life,
Multiply in Gods Spoken words,
Creations of a great pen.
Virtues that shines in the light,
the blue pen strokes of the skies.

The green that gives the tenderness to thy earth,
the smell of scented love,
The Mountains of clay,
Form the creations of man.

The skys commands wisdom to guide,
Thy purpose shake,
and thou soul shall embrace,
the spoken words.

Heaven the palace, of the almighty God,
That arises, Miracles yielding from the skies,
Prepare to meet thou,
At the golden gate,
The doves flaps their wings,
Thou tears embrace.

When thou god sends life to earth,
Let thou faith to heaven repair the wings,
That expands to the yielding of thy air,
Celestial chants in numbers flows,
Melodies enchanting strain,
The dove sings,
The armory of the almighty pen.

Oh thou pen submerging the earth,
Link to the celestial, beings the planets embrace,
The union of Gods creations emerges,
The singing of rebirth,
The creations come together as one.
Who gave thee birth, thou taught us life.
Words of Gods great laws.
Nations come together,
with the armory of the pen,
The Universe cries, Oh thy almighty god,
Mercy to thee.

Nubians  National Anthems

By Jacqueline Amos




Oh thy glory ages and past, thy drums of Africa sings the songs from thy soul.

Blessed be thy hopes and dreams, In battles that we fight, Triumphant ever make us be in war. I pledge that the thousand voices of psalms be thy eyes that man shall hear, thy strength that he may lead, thy shoulder when stress brings him pain, thy strength that he shall not fall under.  The drums that speaks through the telescope of the past.

Supreme power to defeat satins plan, against the world and wicked men of satin rejoice. The rich shall look upon the poor, but shall be the same who often close the saviors door. When time shall cease, shall pass no wealth, pull nor influence will save the sinners plea.  I pledge that the source of implementing humanity through human kindness shall bring forth unity among the soldiers of the lord.

Deleting whos imitations of powers for mans sake, human decent in Gods spoken words. Violence characterized to seek an humiliate, to embrace just law.




Lords of nations an man reigning of sin, that lye upon the throne of his own temple of darkness, which he tries to claim Gods thrown.  Reflections of mans sight, visions mans theories of right, voices raise pleading a thousand voices, cry out love. God is God alone.  A thousand voices sings out loud. Oh say can you see, by the dark early light, for the justice of some, and neglect of all, I wash thy grounds , and rise my brothers to the heavens. There is only one God.



Copywriter 2001




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