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            Laws and The Prophets.

Emancipation Of Truth


Seek not the understanding, without the knowledge to apply.

Seek not the blinders that man shall not no the truth, the mind shall rot.

Concentrated energies, sucks through a vacuum , there is no holes to hold the air.

Implications of freedom emancipation of truth.

Persistent of purpose which links within the laws.

Change the thoughts change the schools of laws.

The servant 0r the master balance within Universal concepts of how, when, where, theorize Wisdom the Power Of Gods  laws.

Development of solutions, constitutes the reality when a brave man choose death.

Mental law of darkness, when the blinders are shut.



Unifying powers that links heaven to earth.

The laws of causes and effects, the wisdom to comply to correct.

Acquirements of spiritual power, the connection the link.

Wisdom the roots of self.

Change the thought change the man.

The sky’s commands wisdom to guide,

Thy purpose shake,

and thou soul shall embrace,

the spoken words, Thou may he live upon this land,

 Although you might not see,

 Thou art is in the sky.

 Freedom yearns, for the resurrection of man,  

 Pyramids of the universal life.

Treasures that reflect truth.

I women must stay strong.

 Spirits created by the ocean, rebirth,

 Affirming real things.





Let not the welter branch be his history of life.

Feed it within the wisdom of great understanding.

Nurture it well it shall grow.

Let the sun shine upon its earth.

Never over water the roots of its foundation.

It shall welter and die, it may grow within the weeds.

The beauty of its flower shall be no more.


Be patient with love, Nurture it and it shall multiply as it grow.

It shall link many as it self, your rose garden shall be the talk of the town.

Never let thy pebbles flourish within the danger zone, it will be lost in the wilderness, It shall not know the space it belongs.

Plant a seed of great love, and it shall grow, it will remember the wisdom which it was grown.

Be confessions of the heavens,

 for thin will be the kingdom,

Give me the serenity to embrace the spirits,

 and the wisdom to know his teachings.


Be confessions of the heavens,

 for thin will be the kingdom,

Give me the serenity to embrace the spirits,

 and the wisdom to know his teachings.


Beyond the clouds, heavens awaits,

 Beyond the clouds of pain,

Joy embrace, beyond the cloud the dark,

 Shall turn to light.

Beyond the clouds, humble and peace will be stealing.

 Dark corners we shall over come,

 Bleeding hearts, cries of love.

The conformity of a slave, freedom rings.

The world of illusions, greater than the mind.

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