Faded Black I Shall Not Turn
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Faded Black I Shall Not Turn




Ebony the source of the warrior, the darkness that hides behind a thief who changes the book of truth, thy history shall not be hidden

Man of cowardly conformity, that sits on a thrown of elements that shall be demoted into the form of a caucus of a jack ass who only reacts to foolish tricks  disgrace to there own cause,

Trick analogy of inclinations of a poor man who refuses to read.

Thy history shall not be disregards God is God, and man is foul living within a hypocorism of his own masquerading as the source of disbelief.

The riches of an ebony king is documented within the secrete source of hidden stories, Kings of Kings.




Black is black and cannot be changed the jewel of the ebony king.

The hooded Klan roles up the project stairs, as his inheritance slowly fades.

 destruction by mans own right hand,

Faded black shall remain.

A tunnel vise mind that refuse to lead.


I hold the key to Gods books of life, the key that shall not rust.

Faded black shall never reverse.

Summoned by the legacy of historical fruit.

The soldier who cried blood, implemented within a bureaucracy of an unjust  society, of men who wear the conservatory sheets.


The thief that stands at the back door.

To claim a inheritance, humble watch it reverse. 

 The spoken words that flow from the heavens ,

which we take no glory are form,

beware of the devil he is swift and calm.

 The history of a king, liquated  man made ignorance,

Who sales to the devil who have stolen his jewels.

Flea markets of death, as the holder of the inheritances, throws it away.



Black man







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Author Jacqueline Amos

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