On The Calvary
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Invisible Man
Where Is Thy God?
Author Jacqueline Amos

Within these walls I shall not be silence,
Within this cage, my mind shall restore,
The after birth of self, as the body, craves
For water, and so my spirit craves for thy God.
My tears have been my rivers, as they continue to say
To me where is my God. I shall not be silence,
After the carcass of thy shrine return to dirt,
I shall continue to reclaim my spirit, after
The enemy has taken my body, I will remain with
Thy spirit, I shall return in life.

Yet the lord will command,
his loving kindness,
In the night his song,
shall remain with me,
Within the dungeon ,
that man set before me.

I shall not be silence,
as man ask me where is my God?
For thy God is my strength and my armor,
earth the smell of rotten
Death, for those who claim the land of the universe,
Shall stand before the judgments of thy almighty God.

Kill my body but my spirit shall remain.
A coward dies a thousand times but a brave man dies once.

Thy words of thy father have script,
the spoken words of our Gods command.
Our father have spoken his commands let the words be herd.
Thy shall not be silence,
by the words where is my God?

Through the test of faith,
I am only hear within the trails
Of transformations,
I kneel before the alter of thy God.

When I remember thy love for thy God,
pain shall not claim thy
Mind, the pain shall pass on,
but the spirit of thy soul shall remain.

Thy words of earth ,
shall not mark me,
conceptions of those,
who stand before me,
confusion that surrounds the inner depth of shame,
By actions of blasphemes,
by reason of the enemy and avenger,
I speak of the words of thy King.
The pen of thy tongue, the heart of thy love.
They shall never be a doubt,
who is my God.

copywrite 2002

           The Legacy of The Nubian Sisters 

Of Strength Color Me Rainbow We  Are One

The Legacies of the African Queens.
Shall always have the strength of a rock,
Even though they may not see eye to eye,
The magnet of there spirit shall never be broke,
I raise you my sister that your beauty
shine upon the world.

You are a jewel from God. That cannot be erased.
She walks with battle of the scars on her back,
She also where the scars in her hands.
We as all women sing the same song.
Sisterhood shall never be broken
because we are as one.

Trophesies shall be the words of her tongue.
We the Nubian Queens the warrior of our turf.
The creations that flow,
Through the temple of God’s great love.
I give to thee the spoken words of the pen.
Cry not for me, I women of all colors and skin,
Thou eyes will be the coming of the lord,
Thy hands shall be the soil that makes great men,
Thou strength shall be of the rock.

The crying mountains that stand tall,
I rise in the name of women; I cry no victim song,
My sister lean your back upon me, the rivers will open.
As we carry the cross, walking the sea,
As Jesus the love within thee, is the love within me.
I cry no victim song. I rise in the name of rebirth,
I know where my voice belongs.

The fountain of tears,
Human nature raises the flag of women,
All countries and ties, within great nations of love.
Oh thou earth opens, as women cry together we stand.
I reclaim the Universe.

Women submerging from death to life.
The seas bring words of God,
Great love shall be restored,
As women walk together as one,
The rivers open species’ of all women,
Cry the same song, the pain of birth.
Documents the strength as one.

The fountain of tears,
Human nature raises the flag of women,
All countries and ties, within great nations of love.
Oh thou earth opens, as women cry together we stand.
I reclaim the Universe.

Noumi Collections
Copywrite 2001


I the women, the shell of the child,
I the love, the angel inside,
I the laughter, when they are tears,
I thy playground, for great love.
I thy humble and the flow of tears,
Thy laughter reveals, thy sacred place.

Love me tender, if not I shall starve.
Nevertheless I shall be yours.
Holding my pillow tight,
Waiting to be tucked in at night,
Daddy brings great love.
Sharing my candy through out the night.
Crying out to be touched.

Illusions of a great love,
Fantasies that I dream,
Sweet candy of sweetish turf,
Hold me tight lonely cries out,
Rub my back, so I shall sleep,
Hold my hand, fears at my door,
Give me toys, that I shall discover great love.

Claiming up into a fetal form,
Holding on for great warmth,
Tears that flow upon my pillow tight,
Mother where are you? I need you now.
Sweet whispers silently I sleep,
Warm body that protects me, as I sleep.

Make up for the party to come,
Pretty dresses lying about,
make believe friends,
where are you when I call?

Friends surrounding me,
Dancing and laughing all at one time.
Singing sweet lullaby’s as he strokes me tender,
the fears go away, hold me tight says the little girl,
inside, don’t let go,
I love you my favorite knight,
don’t leave me as she cries,
I don’t want to be lonely, I give you my toy.

The little girl cries out for love.
Copywriter 2002
noumi collections
All rights reserved

Society Defamed

By Jacqueline Amos


 The trails of a communist society, leach at our door, Deselect is decided by man, who has no understanding of the family role, children spying on parents, allowed to run free, spare the rod spoil the child, who is God? Children out of control, Children raising parents, who shall feel the raft of there on disregards, jailed children refuse to learn. The battle that ties mans hands, when it takes away the control of the parent, who lives by the hypocritical oath.

Teachers who need to be taught, classrooms the center of discuss, crowed classrooms without reform, dope dealing in the eyes of the law, Gang banging in the name of law, children fearing the source which they are t aught, Social workers who don’t know how to be social, children molesters dressed up in the holy cloth. Who is who, communist which knocks at the door? Be careful who enters your door, Beware of the decisions that are set forth, meeting the imposters who swears, by the oath of justice and love.

Solutions or no longer chosen, when it appears life is lost, discipline which is given, the child the informer calls the law. The informer that lives upon your door, There are situations that are scarce, and water drowns one’s thoughts, when life becomes default, within the army of its chose, evidence that proves security an love, You are gulity until proven else. molestation, prostition, manipulation. Communist beware the camps are being prepared. Psychological lynching, trade your freedom, Mc Cathy your views has been passed on, discrimination, separation, illumination, Salvatore, treasons, in the eyes of the unjust.

Life balance with a drip of hatred, greed loyal to satin, New world order, watch you’re self, who is who? Will the real enemy stand up? Blind mans justice; yes masters supper, Under Satin Authority, who is the law? Children killing parents, children set up arms, Massacre of the communist who sets forth a new beginning of the just, betrayed by the devils laws. Separations of mans Spiritual responsibilities to God, Anything goes, Capitalistic society, which makes its on laws. Delete, Delete, Delete, man self destruct, Walking zombies with minds of there on. Trusting self when man’s doubt has cluttered thy on thoughts truth quietly spoken, humble reality, compromise virtues shall one day inflict great helm.

The mortal sickness of man dreaming with hidden agenda’s to over throw all. Never cease the dignity of God’s laws, Satin has arrived to claim as many as he can. Nose of hate without surrender. The bank of God shall not be destroyed, Close not thy eyes, communists is not loyal to color, only the wealth of the land. Beware of man, whom tramples creations, with the sounds of roars, with no truth, beware do not blink your eyes, the battle cries of tears from God’s eyes. Battle cry, Belligerency shall be erasing. The sanctions of the spoken words, Derisions scorn, of the holy grounds, the symbols of emblems, that set before, as the devil steals from the universe.

 Copywriter 2002

Noumi Collections


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