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Thoughts And Purpose

In The Beginning Word Was Law






In the beginning there was law, I stand before the sanctuary of esthetic.

I bond that my dignity would enhance the prophecies of womanhood.

For every breath that I breathe supplements my conscious of my family tree.

Thy word is thy bond which is ordained within the conscious of thy  freedom to deliver King and Queens. My oath to my God that breathe breath upon my lungs,

That nations of my seed shall be loyal upon his words.



In the beginning word was law


Expression ecological and planetary perspectives,
sacred places of thy fathers trust.
Every person a mission ,
everything a purpose mind and spirit shall re-group.
Balancing the mind of the universe.
Gods spoken words un rehearse.
The beat of the Universe flows fiercely,
fascinations of the living breath.


In the beginning word was law.


I the soul of man, I the resurrections of the past,
I the spoken words sin of human birth,
oh thou devils son’s of vows,
creations o The blind mans speak out of sight out of mind.
Inheritance that is tossed away.


In the beginning word was law.


Visioning man theories of what is right.
Pleading of a thousand souls,
listen as they roam upon the night.
Battle cries death to belligerency.
The faceless tribes,
imbibing the draught of hypocrisy.
 darkness that sets upon the earth.


In thy words nations of nations, sons of sons, man of man

Within the realms of thy womb, linking with thy fathers house,

The infancy of innocence shall not be tarnish are fowl.

I set before the Calvary of prophets, thy stroll of thy God.

God is God, man is man, truth is truth, shall not be silence,

Within the vineyards of thy oath that I pledge purified by the righteousness’ of thy fathers house.


  I herd the loud voice, life that a bandit death,

No image  shall transform from darkness into  of  light

In the beginning there was word.






Laws and The Prophets.

Emancipation Of Truth


Seek not the understanding, without the knowledge to apply.

Seek not the blinders that man shall not no the truth, the mind shall rot.

Concentrated energies, sucks through a vacuum , there is no holes to hold the air.

Implications of freedom emancipation of truth.

Persistent of purpose which links within the laws.

Change the thoughts change the schools of laws.

The servant 0r the master balance within Universal concepts of how, when, where, theorize Wisdom the Power Of Gods  laws.

Development of solutions, constitutes the reality when a brave man choose death.

Mental law of darkness, when the blinders are shut.



Unifying powers that links heaven to earth.

The laws of causes and effects, the wisdom to comply to correct.

Acquirements of spiritual power, the connection the link.

Wisdom the roots of self.

Change the thought change the man.

The sky’s commands wisdom to guide,

Thy purpose shake,

and thou soul shall embrace,

the spoken words, Thou may he live upon this land,

 Although you might not see,

 Thou art is in the sky.

 Freedom yearns, for the resurrection of man,  

 Pyramids of the universal life.

Treasures that reflect truth.

I women must stay strong.

 Spirits created by the ocean, rebirth,

 Affirming real things.





Let not the welter branch be his history of life.

Feed it within the wisdom of great understanding.

Nurture it well it shall grow.

Let the sun shine upon its earth.

Never over water the roots of its foundation.

It shall welter and die, it may grow within the weeds.

The beauty of its flower shall be no more.


Be patient with love, Nurture it and it shall multiply as it grow.

It shall link many as it self, your rose garden shall be the talk of the town.

Never let thy pebbles flourish within the danger zone, it will be lost in the wilderness, It shall not know the space it belongs.

Plant a seed of great love, and it shall grow, it will remember the wisdom which it was grown.

Be confessions of the heavens,

 for thin will be the kingdom,

Give me the serenity to embrace the spirits,

 and the wisdom to know his teachings.


Be confessions of the heavens,

 for thin will be the kingdom,

Give me the serenity to embrace the spirits,

 and the wisdom to know his teachings.


Beyond the clouds, heavens awaits,

 Beyond the clouds of pain,

Joy embrace, beyond the cloud the dark,

 Shall turn to light.

Beyond the clouds, humble and peace will be stealing.

 Dark corners we shall over come,

 Bleeding hearts, cries of love.

The conformity of a slave, freedom rings.

The world of illusions, greater than thee.








The Basis of Actions




When man sleeps his objectives of a true liberation is forfeit.

The beliefs that saves  the armor of great Kings.

Cause and effects of Human life shall prosper.

It’s the honor of a man, who stands by the proclamation ,

of justice. Which is implemented in a world of humanity and love.

The basis of actions is to lead, the proclamation of justice,

 is when man takes control of family and self.

If you crawl like a worm you shall be stepped on by whose  ever  concern.


I ask the torture I feel is it lonely? Is it not knowing one  that lives within repression of motivations, Why do I fear to reclaim my rightful place. When there is no where to hide, I the torch of self, understanding the roles of a leader, why is it so hard for me to gripe, the constitutions of a liberation of honor, among my stool and self, I run in hide. I cry the sounds of the sparrow, when the dove has died.


The image of a warrior who wears a mask, who hides behind the women’s skirt tail, and blames her for his like of self worth.

The free mind inward path of liberation has resolved.

Cause an effects of human life.


Thy father has given you power to tread on the serpents and scorpions, all over power of the enemy, and nothing by any means shall hurt you, no withstand in this rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.  Through the basic’s of actions you declined.


The actions of mans attempt, shall be the glory of great hopes.

Which man is created only by the divine specific action, of creations that any can be called the son of God, those who live upon the flesh is flesh, God is Spirit.

The basic of action cannot be found.



Mythological images, wearing the scent of death,

 buried deep in the turmoil of dark.

 Denial wide than the river of the black Nile.



Man that honors another man,

 who refuses to rise above evil,

 and march for divine love ,

 the words of the devil,

 an refuse to live the words of God.

Constant cries of thunder, legacies of retractions,

 taunting the invoices, crying let me free.

The basics signs of actions can be death,

by ones own hands.





Thy shall have no other God before me, said thy God.


Within the revenge of satins basic indoctrinations of actions, they will lay hands on you, persecute you delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prison being brought before kings and rulers for Gods name sake, and turn to you for a testimony, and watch you turn your back on thy father, turning deaf ear to his rules of actions, the basic of actions,  man closed his mind to the laws of thy God, a man who refuse to lead self, and the faith in thy God, that would have brought him across.


The Basic Of Actions


Thy Brothers and Sisters Continue To Sing We Shall Over Come



Man that honors another man,

 who refuses to rise above evil,

 and march for divine love ,

 the words of the devil,

 an refuse to live the words of God.

 Shall feel the whip of the rod.

 There is only one God.

Who is it that fears man,

 an not fear God,

Thy shall have no other God before me, said thy God.









Explicitly spiritual matter of no meditation of thoughts,
Determine through the dark windows,
The manifestations will take place no more.




The Drawing Master Peace Of The Mind




The reign of law universal conceptions,

 finding of principal man becomes what he thinks.

The voices of the soul cries out, man of integrity shines upon the heavens,

In detruncated by the gold lock.

 Mental laws of habits sings its own songs of understanding.

 Every man a king which the master locks hold only one key.

. Vitalizing power of the masters mental law of habit.


Emancipation of a deliverance, persistent purposes that must be delivered.

Power of adaptations the tunnel that shines upon the light.

The prophet that bleeds peace of mind.

The drawings of a stroll that the Kings of Kings proscribed

Laws of the prophets, prophecy, transitions, humanity, reality, self restraint

Power of suggestions, how the script is displayed. Upon the windows of great minds.

Transforming the formative state of mind, the mastery of suggestions,

Action and re-actions. Bondage of freedom cloven in a demonstrating symbolic frame,

The ancestors translations of the master mind.

Mastery of self, how mind rules the body.



Finding of suggestions the master peace of the mind.

Finding the solutions that joins, Uniting power.

Concentrating mythologies that speaks out loud.

Its not the theorize but the metrologies that fits the peaces,

 of a puzzle , the picture can not be corrected,

without the mind on mind.




The Murder of A Brother



The sins of human birth that brings a revolution of change to an open burial ground of shame.

Jealousy by the death of thy brother  right hand, and hate that lingers within the blood of thy family tree, for who is it that proclaims a revolution leaders without honor to kill his brother, who fights for the liberation of a people who just don’t give a dam, repeat of thy brother who hanged from the tree, giving life that man shall be free, many leaders who died for his brother the history repeats, a blind man who is to lazy to fight for self. Nevertheless he screams for unity, and he kills his brother, as a snake that hides to claim his victim by surprise. Through the emancipation of a leader, who seeks for authority within a closed mind, who kills a king. It is not honor of  a man to take a life, for the notarization he is better than the next.  Through the history of thy legacies, the division of a people, and the hero is the marksman of a devise mind who has no loyalty of life. To kill a hero who gives his honor to thy God, as the devil claims his life, and the serpent who pretends that the warriors of change, shall be killed in honor of a hypocrisies of ideology of a man made devil.

The armor of thy brother who tried to make change, as those who sit back in judgment, thirsting for acknowledgement the serpent that resides in black face.

Like crabs in a barrel I shall  destroy the great works of a liberation that my people shall feel the wraths of thy on dilemma of denial, I am the better man.

He lives within a devise tunnel within his own horror of hell.

In pretense of revolution that don’t exists, a hero nothing but a sandwich.



There shall be no dismay,

 in the pretense of betrayal as my brother walked hand and hand, killing thy brother with the hate that he displayed.

A coward he kills a man with false face.

The forgiving heart that tries to come together in unity, as thy brother who hide behind revolution, to kill his brother witness by those who laughs at the division of a people who refuse to unite in love.



I shall rise above the night.

 Give me love are give me death.

 The songs of love ,

shall no longer be faded ,

within the songs of death,

illusions of a want to be love.




The brother who hides behind the mask to stop the process of unity, by jealousy and hate. The proclamation of an indoctrination, the evolution of made up constitution, the cries of freedom that died, man the devise mind to kill a brother who unifies killed by his own brother, that he hate because of the voice which he express, love , unity, honor among all man.


Terrors of hidden smiles, reluctance of men. Decayed visions of self worth, raping society. Let Freedom ring the bell has no tone. Unlocking the vault of an invisible man.

Within the realms of justice thy people who refuse to link,

The hanging of our own family tree.


thy slate has to much dirt to fur fill, the acknowledgement of thy brothers who have died for the freedom of a people, who sits in judgment of a demise complexity of bravery as his brother takes his life, this story has been told many times, when will we get it right, clean thy soul, I have killed my brother. I sing the songs of sadness, I shall never sleep through the night, thy conscious of the night cries, the faces that  have been slaughter within my house , history repeats a people who refuse to stick together, who goes under a banner of liberation, and we wonder why our babies are out of control. It is not the color of a man, who walks in the light for which it stands, it’s the honor of a man who stands by the proclamation of justice for which he implements in a world of humanity and love.


Thy curse of the flesh has haunted thy logic of the earth, thy wisdom has faded red to black.

Thy people have invaded the sacred grounds of creations, nature cries to the tones of darkness, morality is dead,

I have cut of thy right hand to spite thy face, I have plucked out my eyes in recognition of a want a be man in disgrace, I walk among the living dead, I forfeit my stool,  I have killed my brother through his emotions, and left many wounds.

I the belly of the beast, I have cursed my children the forth generation, this Is the end.

I take my beatings upon the earth, the darkness of sacred grounds have been cursed.

There is no peace upon the earth I slaved my brother. I took him to a level of no return.

I the ego of my own disgrace, I the lustful demons has disgrace the sanctuary of thy rib, I have shamed the temple where I create, I the life line of my ribs.  I no longer see the heart of my ribs, I see the flesh which I live.

forfeit your stool.



The lights that shines,
Within my eyes,
Oh why do thy challenge sadness,
Lifting from the burden, convictions,
Beliefs, of a defective love,
Humanity soars, transfusions of sanctuaries,
That has no cause, the turning of the door,
Explicitly spiritual matter of no meditation of thoughts,
Determine through the dark windows,
The manifestations will take place no more.

I shall not embrace the thoughts of tears,
Glimpse of heaven,
Under my micro glass,
Thou pass the beating of unwanted traitorous by truth.
Illusions of the mind, death not proud, the edge, empty words,
Mirror of salvation, dark wings, prophesies within.



Its not the power of a man who lives upon the earth, The virus snake that runs foe to foe, unclean thoughts that plagues nations , taunted by un- forgive able love, without human kindness he’s destructive to self.  Crime against humanities wars that plaque the earth.

The taste of bitter brimmed by curse. The thoughts that shivers the summonsed of calm. Visioning mans voices of love, pleadings of peace be still.

Sins of human birth, past down the evolution of murder that grows within the blood streams of generations that cursed the holy grounds. Words of calm sings out sending thy peace, lord of nations of man.

Be thou my glory, all that live beneath the earth I will hear. The fears increase thy foes. Ascending to the almighty God. The evil of man shall not claim the swords of man who sings his own song.



I cried in the name of thy blood, I screamed freedom and peace to thy God.

I cry from the holy hill no accommodations, now pleading my case to the almighty God. Thousands of voice cries the songs of humanities may peace be restore upon the earth.




To still my soul man awaits, The ancient dust that exhales the devil in his clutch.


The fountains that cry blood, title of conformity thy cross survey the words of love. Oh thy brothers hand thou shall confess their pride of hate, when justices sets a place for thee. When sinners fall the righteous shall stand.


Integrity , society, program intercity, fear of slave mentality, exterminations, of a reproduction, hate me be me, see an self deceptions .

The belly of the well, darkness continues to breed darkness, death a release, better to be dead that a slave within self.



Supreme power to defeat satins plan, against the world and wicked men of satin rejoice. The rich shall look upon the poor, but shall be the same who often close the saviors door. When time shall cease, shall pass no wealth, pull nor influence will save the sinners plea.  I pledge that the source of implementing humanity through human kindness shall bring forth unity among the soldiers of the lord.

Deleting whose imitations of powers for mans sake, human decent in Gods spoken words. Violence characterized to seek an humiliate, to embrace just law.



Wisdom worth more than silver and gold

The soul worth more than the man

Who lives for the earth?

Loyalty worth more than a man who has no honor to self

Love greater than silver and gold.

Trust stronger than the lion that roars

Knowledge worthless with honor of self

Understanding rationalization what comes first

What comes last? Honor worthy than thieves in the night.



Books of darkness, shall appear in the light of conscious,

 the master of the Universe shall return.

 Suppressed words are the source of confusion,

censorship shall not be voided,

when the laws come from God.

Truth shall not come through the back door.



Freeing self from the prisons, the behavior of life ,

 justice shall prevail,

 even though there is no bell are light.

 Faith bares  its on hell

The ultimate measures of a man,

 Is his thoughts that will one day be his hell.

Fear not the truth upon the universe,

 fear not the truth among circles,

 fear not the truth,

 within the Pitts of mans own hell.

Fear not the words of Gods world.

Fear man who will send you to hell.







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