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A Prophet Said To The Universe
By Jacqueline Amos

Flesh that eats my soul, I was never warn , summitry of proportions, divisions of my brothers pain.
Ancient as the world, unlocking the volts of nature, reaps of scars an pain, I the murder of my brother,
Mans creations of decay, they link to thy brother, dusty as the ancient sea’s, stalking the backdoors of humanity, imitations of morality, gliding visions of tomorrow , hunger like a beast in the night, significance of reflections, riddles of love an life, accusations, allegations, anger of expressions, the miseries of man. Roses of rank death.

Terrors of hidden smiles, reluctance of men. Decayed visions of self worth, raping society. Let Freedom ring the bell has no tone. Unlocking the vault I the invisible man.

I give the gift of life to you thy God, thy slate has to much dirt to fur fill, clean thy soul, I have killed my brother. I sing the songs of sadness, I shall never sleep through the night, thy conscious of the night cries, the faces that I have slaughter within thy house, history repeats I am not worthy to lead.

Thy curse of the flesh has haunted thy logic of the earth, thy wisdom has faded red to black.
I have invaded the sacred grounds of creations, nature cries to the tones of darkness, morality is dead,
I have cut of thy right hand to spite thy face, I have plucked out my right eye in disgrace, I walk among the living dead, I forfeit my stool, I have killed my brother through his emotions, and left many wounds.

I the belly of the beast, I have cursed my children the forth generation, this Is the end.
I take my beatings upon the earth, the darkness of sacred grounds have been cursed.

There is no peace upon the earth I slaved my brother. I took him to a level of no return.
I the ego of my own disgrace, I the lustful demons has disgrace the sanctuary of thy rib, I have shamed the temple where I create, I the life line of my ribs. I no longer see the heart of my ribs, I see the flesh which I live.
I forfeit my stool.

copywriter 2001
Noumi Collections
All rights reserved

Cage Bird Why Do You Cry?
By Jacqueline Amos

There is no harm ,
where your wings shall embrace.
There is no danger
that linger above your gates.
Why do you cry?
The skies are filled with love.

Outside your gates
you linker for dear life.
The bees that hum above your head.
The butterflies so beautiful
as they spread t here wings.
Why do you cry?
The beauty which you posses.
The fruits of the land
are which you eat.

As the humming bird sings,
and the crickets sing the harmony.
The flowers open ,
and the bees eat of the dew.
The sweetness, which you may live,
the love that you may give.
I cry because of the fog in the air.
I cry that man has no conscious of the creations that God gave.
I cry that I am just a creature,
and man is so big.
I cry that the world will embrace the love of all men.
I cry that beauty ,
is in the eyes of the beholder,
who will give with the pure hear
t and no disclosures?
I cry as the angels flap their wings.

Who is who will be deceived?
I feel safe upon my space
I sing of rebirth,
and love that shall race.
I have attempted many times,
to fly with grace .
The world looks upon my cage.
There is no weeping,
the humbleness of my turf.
I have and will embrace,
the love of gods grace.
Worry not for me I am the key.
The space, which I dwell, will continue to keep me safe

Beauty as the world, which it could be
Don’t cry for me,
When God returns I will fly.
I will spread my wings, humble of those who speaks the words of truth.
I am the cage bird,
with the third eye above my head.

Copywriter 2002
Jacqueline Amos
Noumi Black Collectives
All rights reserved

So Long Come Again

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