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Angry Black Women

Part 1

Author Jacqueline Amos





Masturbation, drips from my strength,

 trick analogy where is the loyalty to my stool.

Nigg- rapping my epitaph project neurology down with the jewel.

Mask that has no sense of face, hypocorisms sucking on neck bones,

Chickens wings praising the  darkness, that our fore father fought, down with the ignorance that covers our doors with blood, which they most hate.

A evolution of a revolution which don’t exist.

Black Baby, Red Bone inclination of a lynching within its on family tree.

Woman who lives within a prison. Which no one understands. 
Victim within self as victimize by the world. She pleads for 
escapes which the battle is within, as she prays for her 
sanity each and every day.
 why do you linger like a cancer? 
Hidden within as those who only see the 
maze from the outside. But not within 
Oh how the struggles rips me apart 
Screaming for freedom as the walls close in. 


Separations among tribes, I got it first, who the hell care about a revolution

that stinks masquerading as a rose without any roots.

Bonding that don’t even stick.

Sisters that creates there own circles true to sorties that don’t have a clue.

Love hate we shall over come.


Plagiarizing the ancestors truce. Hiding behind the sacred institutions of

The definitions of roots. Psychological lynching within the sacred order of a proclamation joining hands, the rights of passage has closed its gates.



Death that creeps at my door. Fantasy which 
I truly believe. As the breath gets shorter 
And the trembling of my body. And the 
tears stream down my face. Let me be free. 



As I pray and ask God to relieve me of Satin's 
Revenge. The battle with the mind. Hoping and Pretending it is 
not happening again. 
Blocking my mind of the actions and thinking 
of an emotion to replace the fear. Praying it would 
go away. Who is this person that lives within?
Why is he torching me? He won't let go. 
Is this a demand. Which he is trying to take my soul.

Brother man give me love are give me death.

Spineless to a proclamation of un-devised a liberation,

Who will protect me, O h let my voice be herd,

Get up and take your rightful place. 

Every day I live for the next hoping he would stand up,

And give me the crown that is duly given by my God. 
. Oh God the pain that trembles in me 
Pretending it's not there. People will think I'm 
Crazy. Pills they give me for release. But the 
devil lingers. 


Oh God somebody help me. I am in so much pain. The spirit 
within why does it want me 
dead. Father wash me of my sins 
As the devil creeps within me . Trying to claim my mind. Fear 
what is your purpose? The battle of the spirits that lives 
within. Why must you destroy a soul that loves the world and God.

Where is my King?
Fear gives no answer it continues to destroy 
I rise that fear be no more. It never leaves 
It is an open door. When people view me they don't see the 
scars. Putting on strength when I'm dying inside. 10 years from 
time to time. Sitting on the coach explaining my fear. There 
is no end to this nightmare. Thank you God for repressing the 
thoughts of killing my self. Fear disappear there is no place 
for you hear. It goes away. It's smart it will sneak up on me 
again. It is a force that won't let go. Its like a drug killing 
me slowly through my mind. Freedom I cry no more fear. 

My mind is tired. And the battle is longer. No pills can beat 
this devil that lives within. This battle is forever . With 
the Grace of God he lets me breathe. Fear the Killer of all men.


Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

Where is my King?




Universal Connection, Spiritual, Historical. A man with a thousand voices, like the cover of a book, the content within changes the world. Freedom of expressions, quoted by dreams. A mind that refuses to be converted shall not be silence to hope. A sonnet that is governed by the armor of the pen
Author Jacqueline Amos

Angry Black Woman Sings

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