Angry Black Woman Speaks

I'M Not Taking It Any More Give Me My King
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Within These Walls

I Cried The Blood

 Angry Black Women 2

Author Jacqueline Amos



Sinners prayers on the air,

Blink, Blink, Blink

Gold teeth shinning from ear to ear.

Bit—shaking there as- for the world to see.

Dollar bills hanging from roof to chair.

Bit-h on leases we don’t give a dam

Capitalistic dysfunctions , is anybody listening?


Put them whores on the street

Bring my money home to me.

Crying slave mentality

A culture that don’t link

The unity only primary weapon

Of contingent is, it is all about me.


Hip Hop death by rock

Slave masters jingo, jingo, jingo

Is anybody listening?

Greed, deceptions, slaughter

By my brothers right hand.

Mycological reimbursement

Death by words.


There’s no mask needed

There’s burning cross planted above my door

The cross never burned out the mask is black

Reverse syndromes

Slave masters syndromes lives next door




An ambiguous revolution

Hooked on stupidity

A complicated retardation

Mild case of delusion

Misleading appearances

Leaders without character

Infectious to younger generations

Smoking guns who gives a dam

About a future.



Elements of universe that’s on fire

Black state of mind,

Primary weapon of containment

Greed power of  contiguous sentiments,

Condescending movements

Slander ostracize lynching.


Raping me of my dignity

Wearing the sentiments of my sacred identity

Summoned by my ancestors

As they turn over in they grave.

Masquerading as a hero without

A clue of tomorrow living in a mansion

Without recovery of who is and what my mission to be

My babies  future of tomorrow.


Toxins that filled the streets
Sipping on death
Oppressor of self
Surrounding hate
Pollutions has no fate

 Illusion of an empty space,
Self-destruction dysfunctional disgrace
Flowing through the Universe
Who am I? A man without a soul
The zombies within, crossing the bars,
Confessions of a soul show me the light
Message the mind, how do I find the soul
Who was created in love, releasing the acts of hate
Life death, Death life, flowing through the universe
Revitalizing the lost without a soul.



Is anybody listening?

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