Angry Black Woman Speaks

I Cried Within These Walls
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The Bond Between Man The Life Line

And God

Author Jacqueline Amos




I give to thee the life line, that you may grow in the Universe.

Your tribes shall carry your name, and the seed shall live on.

I give to thee the jewels women that you shall breed,

Many nations which your legacy shall live on.

I the father and the son of prophesies hear me as I speak.

Let not vanity kill your roots, as the lynching of your brothers

Shall repeat, until you my son come together as one.

Damnation shall be your legacy to come.


I have given to you great nations, the seed of the seed.

My son you continue to make the same mistake.

Be not the follower of the flock, but the leader of the sheep.

Let not the history of your pass be the  victory of the dark.

Rise upon your universe, and gather your inheritance as I

Have given to you my son. There were only one tribe of Abraham

Your children shall be lost. A banded not your seed for it is genocide

Upon your own family tree. I have given you great wealth.

As the Niles of the African voices scream within the air.

Wisdom shall be your freedom from the burning universe,

That you dwell.



Reclaim your identity that your roots will honor you with great wealth.

I never made a slave only those who continue to try to destroy

The creations of my holy turf. Rise my Prophets the world is yours

To claim.  I shall continue to send my sons until your mission is complete

Pick up the torch and lead, get up of your knees, a close mind is the destiny

that you may lead, Your legacy is written for the world to see.

Seek and you shall find great wisdom of your history.

I the father God has given you a command which you must complete.


Women is the partner that I give to thee. If you give her power she will

Take your legacy act as the prophet that I ordained to lead.

If you crawl as a worm you shall be stepped on as so.

Forget not about the women who I give to thee,

For your nations to rise upon the mountain of Calvary.

Beware of those who come in the name of women.

Thy daughter is the link between the heavens and earth.

There will be many who shall continue to curse your every move.

Remember my son we are one. Stand tall in the name of thy God.

I shall bring you through. Beware of those who come in my name.

Be not fool by the trickery of satins game.

I am you and you are me. If I die so will you.


I cry the blood that you my son reclaim your stool.

Water your roots that they may grow.

The sins shall fall upon your daughters and sons.

Remember son we are one.



Copywriter 2003



Absent From The Soul

By Jacqueline Amos






The darkness that hide behind walls

Consignment of Death

Closed in walls

Harvesting the darkness of self

The windows are foggy

cannot see the light

The sparrows are closing in,

Hidden  in a box, find thy soul

What goes on in space?


Justifying the wrongs for the rights

Toxins that filled blood

Sipping on death

Oppressor of self

Surrounding hate

Pollutions has no fate



Humiliation by thy on right hand,

Illusion of an empty space,

Self-destruction dysfunctional disgrace

Flowing through the Universe.


Who am I? A man without a soul

The zombies within, crossing the bars,

Confessions of a soul show me the light

Message the mind, how do I find the soul

Who was created in love, releasing the acts of hate

Life death, Death life, flowing through the universe

Revitalizing the lost without a soul.




The darkness that hides within my walls.

Releasing the toxins, which travels to my mind .

Flowing through the universe.





Copywriter 2002






The Scent Of Love

By Jacqueline Amos



The sun that beams through thy eyes

The rainbow that reflects colors of love,

The birds that sings thou words as thy speak,

I give to thee great love.


The oceans that wash against the mountains,

Thy smell of life that lives within thy oceans,

Embrace thy most humble thoughts.

I give to thee great love of peace.


The quietness of the night, the dark that glows through the moon.

The songs which we sing as one.

Holding hand beneath the clouds.

The stars watch upon the sky,

The moon smiles on great love.

I give to thee great love of peace.

God shines his love upon thee.


Copywriter 2002





Thy Shall Sing It On The Mountain Thy Shall Embrace Thy Almighty God

By Jacqueline Amos



Thy shall sing it on the mountain,

Thou embrace thy almighty God,

When thou children forsake me,

Lord you stand by my side,

Thou sing the song,

 Of great love to thee,

My almighty God.



Thou tear those streams, like a mountain,

 Thou burdens rise above thy head,

Thou sing on the mighty mountain,

I give it to thee thou god,

Thou cup is full,

And thy tables empty.


There’s no space for thy heart it’s crumbling,

I take it to thee, Almighty Mountain,

 And give it to God.

 Thou hands are scared, thou life is in shambles,

 Thy have no friends,

To smooth thy violated heart,

 I take it on the almighty mountain,

I give it to thou God.


Lord the troubles are abundance,

 Thou house are out of order,

 My spouse that brings me great harm,

 I sit at thy bedpost,

 I cry lord, deliver thee from the rafts of satins,

 Rages of UN clean love. 

Thy sit in darkness, thy friends forsake thee,

I raise my hands, to thee as he calms the beast,

That lies within thou eyes,


Chariots of darkness, belligerency of insanity,

 Shackles squeeze the love from thy heart.

 Denied thy self of a mind.

Tasting the smell of death,

 Conscience that runs,

 Its own deliverance of self,


I rise to the almighty mountain,

I give it to thee thy almighty God,

Never have thou forsaken thee.


Copywriter 2002



The Lady And The Gentlemen

By Jacqueline Amos



Oh thy jewel of diamond,

 precious as the golden  halo upon thy head,

 The visions of an angel,

 let me count the ways,

 Gentle as thou calm heart,

 I turn to thee gracefully,

 treasures of a jewel,

given by thy God.



Thy love thy mercy , thy lips of  thy sweet embrace.

 The nights thou nights, the thoughts of you.

 Thy source the essence of your love,

 thou shall not eat from the garden,

 after our wedding day.


 The vineyards that displays beauty and grace.

 Chalice speaks, thou trumped by a silent heart.

 I sit upon the stars an vision your frame,

I shall not be hasty, the gifts will be unwrapped,

 on thy wedding day, neither tarnished,

 are displayed.



 The virgin angel the gift that awaits upon that special night,

 Thou smile, thy calmness, thy concern, I kneel upon thy knees.

 Thy request your hand in marriage,

will you marry me, thy jewel of greatness, I sit upon thy garden, awaiting your answer, will you bless me and be my wife.



Oh thy gentlemen of such grace, thou sit upon the stars as you my love.

I the embrace of thy love, they vineyards shall someday belong to thee.



 I shall think about thou plead for marriage,

 I must console with thy father,

 I shall return with thou answer.

As the angel slowly walked away with grace,

 thy frame startled thy eyes,

 thy body covered head to toe,

 the sweet smell of daisy,

 surrounded her as she walks,

 I sit upon the night the love that thy share,

makes my love skip a beat,

I shall await the answer,

and prepare a place,

 for my becoming wife to be.


I place this ring upon thy finger,

 I stand in accordance with the ordination of thy God,

 I will have thy gift of love, thy angel shall be complete,

now that thou have found thy other wing.


Copywriter 2000







Rusted Chains Beneath The Bonded Ships

Author Jacqueline Amos



The screams of disbelief. The seeds of the future covered with rusted subdue.

Linked to the slave ship minds that refuse to release.

The unfamiliar minds, the chains of the pass, ancestors turn one by one.

Death they scream in vein. Genocide the back door of thieves, chains that smothers the mind in disbelief. Under the darkness of the hood, a corporals iron that clad the whip. Revolution that never balance. The scrap dealer the future and tomorrow.

Believing in an iron brace, that squeeze the mind even when man is asleep.


The cotton that grows upon the doors, colors of hate, black baby, red bone

The stool shall be the eye holder of the want to be slave master.

Separations of a people who is two dam stupid to pick up the torch.

Hidden behind the Grungy, spiced up weed, white power that smothers the mind.

The link to the chains. The battle grounds of the hoods, public administration sings we are the living dead, kill my brother the sounds of the smoking Gun


Dark alleys a culture without pride, playing the death drums.

Poetic nightmares that don’t even give a dam.

The pig feet and collar greens , aroma float through the kitchen windows as the guns go off.



Sisters that refuse to link living in cloud of instant death, perpetrating a fraud,

Screaming we are one. Looking down on her sisters, with slave master eyes, all for self, Who are you where is my sister? Dreads upon her head, masquerading as a sister in my the sacred dreads, Who are you that comes with the locks of my King, claming to be my brother, as I turn my back you shoot me dead.

Pimping ministers, thank you Jesus devils who is your King?



Some the fertilize souls

Some who sit in the power of authority

Ejaculation of a hypocrisies

Living in a cocoon without the clue to lead.

Rolling and Ravings as the night began

Hiding behind the tom, toms theories truth must not be told.










Proclamation of Humanities

By Jacqueline Amos





Its not the power of a man who lives upon the earth, The virus snake that runs foe to foe, unclean thoughts that plagues nations , taunted by un- forgive able love, without human kindness hes destructive to self.  Crime against humanities wars that plaque the earth.

The taste of bitter brimmed by curse. The thoughts that shivers the summonsed of calm. Visioning mans voices of love, pleadings of peace be still.

Sins of human birth, past down the evolution of murder that grows within the blood streams of generations that cursed the holy grounds. Words of calm sings out sending thy peace, lord of nations of man.

Be thou my glory, all that live beneath the earth I will hear. The fears increase thy foes. Ascending to the almighty God. The evil of man shall not claim the swords of man who sings his own song.



I cried in the name of thy blood, I screamed freedom and peace to thy God.

I cry from the holy hill no accommodations, now pleading my case to the almighty God. Thousands of voice cries the songs of humanities may peace be restore upon the earth.


To still my soul man awaits, The ancient dust that exhales the devil in his clutch, of thy shied of Gods love. The almighty God shall cage the beast. Humanities sings, oh glory to thee. The fountains that cry blood, title of conformity thy cross survey the words of love. Oh thy brothers hand thou shall confess their pride of hate, when justices sets a place for thee. When sinners fall the righteous shall stand.


Integrity , society, program intercity, fear of slave mentality, exterminations, of a reproduction, hate me be me, see an self deceptions .

The belly of the well, darkness continues to breed darkness, death a release, better to be dead that a slave within self.



Copywriter 2000



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