Sister To Sister
The Almighty Pen
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The Sparrow Sings Revolution the Almighty Pen




Let not the world blind thy works

of God, Some will be save and some will be lost



These are the last days; keep your eyes on   our God.

There are many things we cannot understand, keep the one on

one relationship with God, he shall bring you across.


Fear not the wickless of man, the resurrection of the

universe, its taking place. Pain an suffering shall be no

more, there is a greater place beyond this earth, the truth

will come in the mouth of babes, the sins have fallen upon

the children, and the curse shall be broke. Be humble and

believe only in God; let no man detour you of who has the

last words.


I have felt the scars on my back, and the blood in my hands,

I carry the scars of my ancestors, release the chains off my

feet, chains of my hand, chains of my risk, never release the

chains off my peoples mind. Rise my sisters and brothers.

The truth has been reveal. Cling not to the devils theory,

free your self of the inner curse, we wear the mask.


Darkness will blind you forever, and the mind shall slowly

die. Teach the children they must share in life labor as

every man.

Spirits in bondage. I demand you to let my people free,

Stolen souls destructions of the chosen one’s. Get your pens

and start writing, the almighty armor of the pen. Tell the

world this is revolution, the warriors of God, has made it's

claim, A man who will crawl like a worm shall be stepped on,

no dignity for his seeds, shall inherit its rightful place.

Proposed spoken words of freedom.


Bless by the almighty God, your mission will be given within

eyes of the sun. Fear not the earth, Allah is angry be still

as he complete his job. What comes last will come first,

Focus only on God, and no one else, ask him your mission an

he shall tell you, what you have to do. Listen to the spirits

as they speak, Believe not in science; believe in the words

of Allah, he will guide you through your mission as he has

given me.


Bow down to no man, God said thy shall have no other God

before thee, Satin has bondage the earth,

anything goes, no

dignity or self worth,

The hungry and greed of man, trying to replace God’s words.


There is none greater than Allah our God, Humble an watch

the devils kingdom fall apart, Men masquerading as holy,

disgrace to there own cause, destruction by mans own right

hand, I have a pack with God, So will you, these words are

not of my own, the message which is coming through me, a

message I must delay.


The spoken words that flow from the

heavens which we take no glory are form, beware of the devil

he is swift and calm, Ask God to guide you be humble in

your words, speak of love among our brothers and sisters, God

will do the rest, there are many who proclaim to have the

words of thy almighty, which have no clue. Talk to the

almighty as you would talk to me. He will take you to another

level of understanding, only the chosen’s will no. The signs

will be sent and God will take you to another level of

understanding, everything happens for a reason, no matter how

bad and cruel. God has prepared a place for those who

believe, words will never be erased.



Noumi Collection CC.2002

The Love A Nubian Queen