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Be A Leader My Child
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Truth Shall Not Be Silence


Be A Leader My Child

In this life there shall be a lot of tears,
Life shall bring adventures ,
and many may bring sweat and tears.
Forsaken the bad they shall be good.
Look not through another mans eyes to identify
Who you are.
Be ware of the tough guys who like to kill,
steal, and bring harm.

God is God, Man is man, Foul is foul, there shall never be one greater than him.
Follow the rules of thy father, he will give you great wisdom in life.
Believe me my son, ignorance of self, is the killer of all man.
The young without directions they all die young.
The dope dealer will come and offer you money and all.
He will tempt you to try it , my son this is the devils son.
He will then continue to give it to you for free.
When you hook, he will make you steal from your mama,
For a five dollar hit.
Beware use your sense he is only trying to kill his brothers and sisters.
He has no conscious and love for his self.
Remember my son,
a drug dealer shall never stop selling drugs,
his life no longer belongs to him.
He becomes the slave masters son’s,
and daughters to the belly of the beast.
If he was a leader his epithetic would have a better reading,
Than the scum of the earth. Beware of those who give freely,
You will feel the spirit of the man,
humble and the devil shall always tell on it self.
God has granted you power, to hear the devil as he speaks.

A slave master comes in all colors and shapes.
If you make a mistake, your life belongs to him.
The poor man who makes slave wages.
The lynch men of his own family tree.

What ever comes hard in this life,
you will have its just rewards,
anything worth having is worth fighting for,
and you will appreciate it in the long run.
Education is important as well as morals, principals and all.
Think twice before you do anything don’t just act on impulse.

Remember my son material things are great and all.
But pride and dignity,
is not worth loosing to steal to keep up with the Jones.

Save your money my son,
and as it grow you will have greater things in this life.
A tag of clothing, and high price sneakers, will never buy you a car and a home.

Its not the merchandise of the value, but the name label that comes attach.
Walk within the light my son you need no tags to identify who you are.
Slavery has gone, only if you choose to live through another man eyes.
Be a leader within self, create your own style ,
and you shall be a leader, without the price tag.

Choose your friends my son, quiet is not bad, and nerd has no poison tags,
Concentrate on being a better man.
Follow the rules and routine of your plan.
Study hard you will become a great man.
Many friends are not important have one are two.
Think twice before you choose your friends.
Make sure they have something in common with you.
If not there shall always be battle with jealousy and hate.
They will always set traps that you may fall in.
Remember my son be a leader within.

I shall share with you the meaning of a man.
I will then share with you what a good women takes.
Your daddy can teach you the rest. I am a women.
A man must teach you the rest.
Remember son we are one.

jacqueline amos

The Love A Nubian Queen