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The Light That Shines Towards The  East

A man who doesn’t know his history will continue to make the same mistakes.

There will never be the resurrection of men, As he slowly falls to his knees.

The sun shines towards the east. The truth will be revealed.

There will never be a foundation.

Until those reclaim there true inheritance from the devil.

Who claims the inheritance of God? He sits in judgment as he steals your titles.

A fool that will slap his self with his own right hand.

A man who walks without honor will be frown on upon nations.

If the land is not righteous it will loose its place in Gods grace.

A man who walks without honor will be frown on upon God.

The devil thinks he is higher than God commands which he rimes the earth.

A close mind to self, Is destruction to one's on dignity.

The self-hatred that man displays is a weapon for others to use him.

A man without wisdom is a man of destruction.

What reflects on me will reflect on another.

Who is man? Who a bandit his own children.

The man who lives upon the land of freedom, justice,

and equality for all. The man who rapes his own daughters,

and son's that left a legacy for man to carry on.

Those who shed their blood that man shall be free.

The devil slipped up and sucked the blood from the vine.

Will the righteous who has given there lives die in vain?

The self-hatred that man displays is a weapon for others to use him.

Who is the man who a bandit his on children?

A man who has no honor to his own creations.

And the women who sits in judgment. With no clue are honor to her own self worth.

The colors of the flag that fly upon my head.

As those pledge, which is not worthy which it stands.

The blind man that will never see. When it is always about me.

And the leaders who have no shame in how he treats the next man of color.

Trying to steal all of his inheritance and come in love.

Who cries for self when the darkness has tarnished his children?

The elder, preacher, leader, who walks with devil no conscious of his own future.

The man who is frowned upon for his wisdom. And ignorance the devils revenge.

Slavery of the mind which all cultures carry the same crime.

Before there was black slavery there was white.

The lynching of the minds. And castration of the dreams that man fought for.

The middleman who has no conscience. Who destroys his own nation?

The family tree. Crabs in a mass of confusion.

The man who cries liberation to fool the people.

As man sit in destruction. The worlds destruction never evaluated his own claim.

The rights of passage and man refuses to cross over.

A man without honor to his brother will always fall upon his knees.

As Abe to Cain the destruction of man at his own right hand,

But in all God has the last word. Man will suffer upon his own hands.

And God will reclaim the inheritance and give it to its rightful place





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