Angry Black Woman Speaks

To Breed A Slave

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Truth Shall Not Be Silence


Convictions Of A Want Be Slave



To take a man who refuse to lead.

Planting the seed that he is less than a man.

The toxin that flows through the blood

and the capitation of leadership within self.

The ideologies of being a man is hard to over come.

Only by instructions he can view self.

The deactivation comes within the family tree.

The reverse syndromes becomes the hatred

of his own seeds. Hating the liberties

that he feels has been generated by the slave masters demands,

Who gives liberties to the black woman are the lover.


Implanting the hatred within his own family tree,

there would be no sense of identity,

repression that sets the stimulation to incubate

breaded embolisms cloned to another

generation of slaves.

Jealousy and hate the slaughter of Jesus

the breath of horror, the holocaust of a

dead mind. Who has no power other than

him self who cannot control his own mind.



The male child which is a bandit by the father,

The cautious denial of his own family tree.

The issue is not color but all men feel the pain.

The execution of family the seminary of the history

Of the child who is rejected by the image that he represents.

The execution of the mother who follows in the realms

Of the setting of a dysfunctional anti social

monetary disk that is planted within the mind.

The curse that’s passed on to another generation

the walking dead,  syndromes the words

that gives a happy thought, education that is

decline ignorance embraced without a thought.



Divide and conquer lived by the servants

within its own circle of thought.

Censorship survival has no response.

Implanting death within the womb the pain

Of the embryo that is kill through the veins

Genocide  partaken without conscious

Instant death implanted killer of self.

Concentration camp for the un wanted

Children without futures are families.

Death to the young.


Open lynching the black man with the mask.

Colors that are worn within territory that one

must not cross. The trail of rebels that drive

by through the night, killing the colors and

the open lynching at any course.

Revolutions sealed in a book.

Children of the dark preach

Beyond the back door.

The deletion of a family culture.

Slave blocks with women naked.

Characters without pride.

Honor no longer stands.

Churches of satins tribe.

The breeding of a dead slave,

The living dead that breeds on.



Of the genes.


Within the cloak of a disease that has no cure.

The assumptions of leadership without the wisdom

of humanity to delete the proclamation of a free mind.

The darkness that set forth another generations of destruction.


The state of mind that continues to repeat the same

mistakes.  Breeding an cloning poisons of thoughts.

 The enforcements of memory that has

explored each time, hating self reverse

 the light retrieves a thought.

The mind goes into delete the thought of unity.

Sets of an explosion the light continues to go out.

 I am greater than thee.

within the illuminations of bonding .



Man that lives upon the cage, the destruction of a culture,

Who rather live within a 8/11 cell, the continuation

of legacy that refuse to break the chains of captivity.

The inclination of a man set that refuse to love self.

The bomb has now explored there is no activation are

de activations the toxins that eats at the mind

Of a want be slave. The assumptions of the cage

bird that no longer sings.


Captivity that continues to breed.

Reluctant to 8/11 cage.

I have killed my brother,

hanging man through the obstacles of disgrace.

The captivity never ends as he kills

his woman through the corner of her mind.

Un wanted seeds that live within the

Concentrations of a cell.

Hypnotic transfusions crack to release

the hatred inside.

Raped by the systems out sight out of mind.



The darkness that hide behind walls consignment

of death closed in walls .

Harvesting the darkness of self.

The windows are foggy cannot see the light.

The sparrows are closing in, hidden in a box,

find thy soul, what goes on in space?

Justifying the wrongs for the rights.

Toxins that filled blood, sipping on death ,

oppressor of self, surrounding hate,

pollutions has no fate.


Copywriter 2002





I Danced With God

Author Jacqueline Amos





Through the rainbows of thy visions, I raised my hands to the heaven, Oh thy Father God gave me Jesus, the tears flowed through the heaven.  Through the fires of satins betrayal  earth, God walked and dance with me, through the flames, that satin set forth.

Listen to the hymns as Jesus and thy father dance with me.

The Psalms that  he set forth the temple of wisdom listen as thou sing.

Oh thy heavenly God spin me around, changed my life, and put my spirit on solid grounds, the dance with thy God, listen to the harps, and Jesus who sings so loud.  You watch me as I took my first step, you  picked me  up when I slipped and fail.

You washed me clean, and heal my wounds, Oh my God I sing a joyful noise.




Angels great eternal forces,
spirits of the almighty God.
The almighty oh watch him dance,

through the spirits of my temple,
 the heart,
the God of Heaven,
Oh thou who represents the spirit,
shall reflect thy heart of thy almighty God.


The dance of thy God, the songs of Jesus,

Who took my hands and danced through the promise land.

Oh thy father you taught me the dance of forgiveness,

The rhythms of the bleeding heart, the two step to humble, and the first step to understand the wisdom of your wants.


I danced with God listen to the hymns of my brother Jesus as he joined along.

The heavens open, thy brothers lead the way, thy sisters who carry the torch,

There is no longer flesh where we live,  I danced with Jesus as God sing,  thy children have made it to the Calvary,  thy sons have got it right, Oh how I sing to thee.  Thy babies who have suffered for the lack of thy spirit , selfish as those who lived upon the earth, the children joined  hands as they lay upon the cloth, and the breath of thy God, healed the broken and wounded hearts, listen as the spirits rise, and the children cry no more, I dance with Jesus, laughed the blind child and  God said my jewel of heaven , open your eyes and the joyful noise of the child, reached out his hands, God placed a rose upon the  child’s hands. The bleeding fountain has dried up, my children come in love, I dance with thy Young , Oh thy son your mission has been complete. I danced with God,

The birds sings, the angels gather in rings, and the light that

Brings forth truths, the  sons and the daughters who carry the light.

What a joyful noise I danced with God.


































A Coward Dies A Thousand Times But A Brave Man Dies Once

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